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Life Happens Here

A quote I recently read said, “Life Happens HERE, not THERE”…
I read it on vacation…a classic “THERE” moment.  Right? Who can’t with to get THERE…on vacation….After months of early morning alarm clocks, dragging kids to school. paying the bills ~ with too much month and not enough cash, deadlines at work, clients who love ya and hate ya…living HERE…creates a strong desire to get on vacation ~ THERE!
It’s human isn’t it? To think there is something better or more satisfying about THERE than HERE…
Isn’t that what dropped up Adam & Eve? Living in the HERE with God, when the temptation of THERE was presented as a “more satisfying way to live” was offered.
It’s really no big deal right…? Come on man, it’s a letter difference between the two words? It’s just a letter, it’s just a word….
NO, it’s not just a letter, it’s not just a word….it’s your life!
But. it’s so easy to think of “life” as in “THERE” not “HERE”…. Too often we live dissatisfied in our current context…HERE….thinking we will become satisfied when we arrive THERE..
We dream about how life will be better THERE…we fixate on it, day dream, and in our minds eye we are fully convinced that life is better THERE…and subconsciously we stop living HERE….waiting to live THERE…

  • teenager when I get my drivers license
  • graduate High School and begin college
  • start dating, get a better date…prettier…
  • move to a new city..bigger..smaller..
  • move away…move back…
  • land a new job
  • make more money
  • different house
  • new president
  • when the kids graduate
  • when I retire
  • vacation
  • holidays

Life gets placed out THERE and gets lost in HERE.
I wonder what we’ve lost in not being fully present in the HERE?
I wonder how many marriages dissolved?
How many moments with children or parents?
Friendships? Neighbors?
Business opportunity? Learning? Serving? Investing?
Getting to know God?
All lost because we thought LIFE happened THERE, rather than HERE.
The only life that’s ever lived is HERE. Right now, in this minute, this hour this day.  Yes we make plans, live responsibly, look forward to new opportunities and experiences; but not at the expense of losing the opportunity to live HERE…and now.
Moses, a noted author and leader of ancient Israel, prayed, “God teach me to value my days and help me apply wisdom how I live those days”.
That’a a good prayer for today…
That’s one of the characteristics that makes Church of Hope a special place. We live HERE. We choose to TRUST God in this moment, in these circumstances…we choose to LOVE people who are in our lives now, flawed, messy, complicated because that’s what (we) people are….and we choose to INVEST our lives for God’s Glory…His fame…He is the miracle worker, sustainer, life giver…
Today, suspend your THERE…and make life happen HERE!

  • Call a friend
  • Send a hand written card
  • Visit your parents
  • Write a song
  • Volunteer
  • Ask for forgiveness
  • Give forgiveness
  • Have vacation time? TAKE IT!
  • Sweat
  • Stretch
  • Thank you kids teachers, coaches.
  • Save
  • Trust God
  • Love People
  • Invest your life

Life happens HERE…Live it…