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While as the Head Football Coach at Clarion University, I asked Mark to be the spiritual leader for our football program. I was able to witness first-hand his ability to communicate, instruct, advise and show both our staff and student athletes on how to become a successful leader. In forty years of coaching college football, I have used different leadership coaches and programs, and some were good, however, I have never witnessed anyone better or as sincere as Mark. He is very innovative and very thorough in his instruction on Life and Leadership Development.

Malen Luke

Former Head Football Coach at Clarion University

Mark is an outstanding life and leadership coach with the gift of communicating and connecting with people to facilitate amazing outcomes in their lives, businesses and careers.

Darren Ritch

President, Transitions Life Center John Maxwell Leadership; Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Dr. Mark Cummins is a wonderful mentor and strives to develop and empower the leadership skills you already possess. I was able to clearly identify my leadership strengths and also areas that needed improvement, with Mark’s help. These skills I developed not only bring benefit to my career, but also my personal relationships as well. I am very appreciative for Mark’s mentorship and guidance and am looking forward to additional coaching in the future.

Abbey Slaven


We began our coaching relationship with Mark in 2014 with a very specific one-on-one coaching project. Over the years, the coaching projects evolved into a powerful leadership relationship. Mark coaches and advises us from the ownership level to the frontline work force. Over the years, he’s become a critical part of our fabric, our culture, our Team. If you are looking for a coach or business advisor who engages with Passion; who helps you see past the Blind Spots through his excellent Probing Questions; who is Committed, Energizing, Uplifting, Insightful; who connects Mind and Body Health; and who truly Cares and Loves the people he engages with, then we recommend you contact Mark immediately!

Ken Daley

President of Tri-Eagle Sales

"...Probing Question Expert"
"...connects Mind and Body Health"
"...truly Cares and Loves"

I have been fortunate to receive leadership coaching and guidance from Mark Cummins at MDC Life & Leadership Development.  The holistic approach has been a game changer for me, especially when comparing the approach to other leadership coaches I have utilized. During my 31 year career at Kellogg’s, Mark coached me through a complex corporate situation which improved my ability to manage tenuous relationships and succeed in my leadership role.  Recently, he guided me through difficulties at the family level and shared with me techniques to heal and strengthen our bond.  In each situation, MDC presented effective approaches and paths that are directed towards repairing relationships versus walking away and damaging them further.  I have encountered coaches that advised cutting ties with people that cause stress in life, regardless of subsequent impact.  In contrast, MDC offers approaches and solutions that not only avoid burning the bridge, but repair and strengthen it.  I highly recommend MDC Life coaching to help build new leadership skills, maneuver difficult relationships in the workplace, or to help heal broken relationships within a family.

Jim Kaminski

I am fortunate to count Mark as a great friend.  I cherish the time I get with him to discuss life’s challenges.  He has a unique grasp on the balance of personal, professional, and spiritual perspectives in navigating today’s complex issues.

Brad Dickerson

President at Bombas

With Mark’s coaching, I was able to elevate my leadership to a higher level and handle very difficult situations successfully. Mark brings a toolkit that helps in so many situations including helping leaders see the hidden opportunities that are often right in front of their eyes but go unnoticed. I highly recommend his coaching and services if you are looking to increase your leadership performance. Thank you Mark Cummins! 

Dr. James Henningsen

President of the College of Central Florida located in Ocala, Florida

"O O R A H !"

Dr. Mark Cummins brings a holistic (mental, physical, spiritual) approach to executive and team coaching. Mark’s palette includes an eclectic mix of coaching skills that allow the participants to reach their full potential. This intentional coaching is the merging of life and leadership—moving leadership development from a text-book perspective to how we can apply it to our everyday lives. Mark’s graduates, myself included, view him as a critical consigliere in reaching life’s potential. O O R A H !

Jim Goetz

American Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur, partner with Sequoia Capital